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As the former editor of a university magazine, I've written thousands of words that have appeared in print and online. I’m well-versed in AP and Chicago styles, and can easily adapt to any in-house style. Oh, and I respect deadlines.

A Mercy College alumnus tells how his modest expectations for himself were transformed through education. Once a car mechanic, he's now rocking a fantastic job at Google.

Annual reports that engage

How do you spot a future scientist? Look for driving curiosity, willingness to probe for answers and solutions, and a dogged pursuit of one's passion.

Newsletters you'll read NOW.

In a unique simulation "lab," MBA students had three hours to develop solutions to a fictional small business crisis.

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My writing career—which goes all the way back to the typewriter—has given me a solid foundation in the enduring principles of good writing. But I’m not stuck there. I’ve kept up with the quick-changes in channels and platforms for getting a message across. 


My strength: uncovering what makes people passionate about their work, and translating that excitement to a variety of audiences, from a medical school to a gaming technology company.

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