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Why Hire Me?

My clients are crazy-busy people on a mission to make the world better.

They're not satisfied with just any old content cluttering up their websites, annual reports and marketing materials.

So they entrust their copy to me.


Because I’ve sat where you’re sitting, and I know where you’re coming from. For almost 20 years, I worked in marketing communications for higher education and other nonprofits.

Today I have the privilege of writing for organizations with a compelling drive to make the world better. Your audiences matter deeply, and so does your message. Every communication must persuade, engage, impress and inspire.

Writing thousands of words of copy for multiple audiences has honed my skills and given me the perspective to solve challenges you face every day.

I can quickly grasp the needs of your reader, intuiting the message that will speak to them most effectively. The result is quality, polished copy that moves, inspires and reveals the heart of what makes your organization great.

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