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A message about COVID-19

With all the chaos and change, you may be thinking worrisome thoughts.

How will my business survive?

What will it look like after months of nothing coming in?

What do I say to my clients, audiences and vendors?

For a limited time, I’m offering to write your COVID-19 message. Free.

Just head over to my blog for details.

You've got a great story in there. Let's bring it out.


You can hire just about any writer to churn out all the copy you need. Sure, you may be feeding the hungry content machine, but are you reaching—or inspiring—the audience your organization seeks to serve?

I’m a writer and editor specializing in nonprofits, higher education and healthcare communications. With more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and public relations, I know how to create readable, engaging content for your most important audiences.

If you’ve been putting off tackling complex writing jobs because they require thoughtful words and a meaningful connection, help is here.

Want to see what I can do for your project or organization?

If your goal is to engage and motivate your reader—if you want them to genuinely care about your mission and your message—you need a writer who can move your audience.

Not just toward action, but toward a meaningful connection.


Writing & Editing

Your story matters. Let's make it shine.

A friend once told me I have a fine eye for a flaw, which is a polite way of describing my zero tolerance for poorly written, error-filled copy. I rarely meet a sentence I can’t improve, even just a little. That’s because too much website and marketing content, churned out just to fill space, really doesn’t try very hard.

When you entrust your humble, ugly duckling content to Silversmith, we know what it needs to become beautiful. We will highlight strengths, correct flaws and smooth rough edges, crafting until it shines like fine silver.

It's the faces that I'll remember most.

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