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It's the faces that I'll remember most.

Someday, when this strange, stressful time is just a memory, I’ll remember sitting at my computer in my home office, like I am right now. I’ll think about the faces of clients and colleagues and family members that I’ve been seeing every day on video chat.

All those faces filling my screen—faces of people in their homes, doing the best they can with disruptions to their schedule, rapid pivots of their business, and, for some, coping with illness and loss.

If you’re still in good health and running your business, by now you might be getting tired or discouraged. It might feel like you’re alone, even knowing many others are in the same boat. Overwhelmed by all the chaos and change, you may be thinking worrisome thoughts.

How will my business survive?

What will it look like after months of nothing coming in?

What if I get sick or one of my key vendors shuts down?